#WriterStylistModel introduces SynSha’ Fashions

Yeah I wrote the article … but do really know the truth!!!!

Jordan2Bmine never wants the cheese from rats remember that!!!

So enjoy this because part two is on the way!!!




Jacksonville may be known to most as the #CrabPotCity. “Girl you know that mentality here. Cliquish and backstabbing: skinning & grinning in your face one moment yet throwing you under the bridge the next second!”

That was just a snippet of only one of the many conversations in which I had pleasure encounter  while getting my makeup done for the Fashion Show. The irony of this conversation rode my conscience for weeks resulting in a revaluation of my mindset to never adapt the dark stigma.

I’m here to advise you as well: Please erase the thoughts of considering yourself a crab in anyone’s pot! With that being said, I must let my rays of sunshine shine! I want to give you an up close and personal look into business minds and journeys of other business owners that believe in empowerment. Beauty Beyond Measure is here to introduce you to Mrs. Shawana Richardson and we agree to disagree with the theory that “Jacksonville may be known to most as the #CrabPotCity”.

Proving theory’s wrong and statistics placed upon black women in business; we have united and decided that two thriving together to encourage, support each other must be feedback into business, to break all stipulations. Utilizing my writing platform as an author: I would like to cordially introduce you to the #MustKnowoftheMonth.

SynSha’ Fashions is a professional entrepreneur focused and driven business owned and operated by CEO Shawana Richardson. Providing a trailblazing form of retail, Mrs. Shawana Richardson provides a new platform to the modern-day retail therapy.

The Motique (Mobile Boutique ) Exemplifies the advantages of being mobile; enhancing the traditional retail experience, creating a new trailblazing craze! Serving clients in Jacksonville, Orlando, Atlanta, North Carolina, and beyond with a consumer base reaching out of the city limits, online storefronts are available to reach the mother in the mountains of Michigan for date night.

The Motique combines personal services of the styling, Day Parties, Bridal Celebrations, and highly favorite amongst clients the Ladies Private Night in Affair. Noted as a favorite due to the fact that SynSha’ Fashions privately appears at the home front of the client with wine, a chef selection menu the latest fashions and fashion tips.

Creating a fashionable memorable event for all guest. SynSha’ Fashions has not only appeared in the Jacksonville Art Walk and on the Channel 4 news but also has been presented on numerous runways and personal styling affairs.

With fashion styles ranging from corporate office to happy hour and elegant affairs, the classy woman will without a doubt enjoy her experience with SynSha’ Fashions. So on that note, to all the diamonds that have read this article please get out your contact book I have a new contact for you:

Name: Shawana Richardson Business: SynSha’ Fashions Phone Number: 904-413-1744 Website: http://www.ishopsynsha.com/ Going forward Jordan2Bmine would like to continue to provide my audience and readers with the #whoyoushouldknow of the month, there is no need to keep a gem hidden.  Feel free to reach out to me if you are in business or have someone in mind. Please Remember: Always Be a first-rate version of yourself, Instead of a second-rate version of somebody else. ~Judy Garland


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