Often I teach myself new things. This is #Jordan2bmine gives design. It is a hit or miss design due to the fact you suddenly see bullets, a pipe, condoms; however, I just couldn’t become complacent in my design. I’m certain #KendrickLamar could relate as an artist. Falling into Fashion was a must during the additions to this layout. Watercolor seems to excite some far distant memory of pure innocent happiness: Which I’m guessing could explain the need for ” ink ” and wanting a watercolor design.

THE EYE: Know as the Third

#catlover but allergic

Yes this Cover as Well

River Island layering shirt
$12 – riverisland.com

Burberry linen coat

Oasis oversized coat
$74 – oasis-stores.com

Balmain black and white skinny jeans
$815 – montaignemarket.com

Fendi heeled bootie
$685 – farfetch.com

Marchesa lily handbag

Tech accessory

Wooden hair comb


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