Beauty Beyond Measure – Jordan2Bmine Presents: The Who You Should Know of the Month

TAXSLAYER I’m no sports enthusiast, nor do I find myself consumed in the ESPN channel for hours like most football fanatics but I happened to notice the Gator Bowl is now being played underneath the new sponsorship title of, “The #TaxSlayerBowl “. This unique villain name, TaxSlayer Bowl, was given to liven up the dead business with true intentions to use the Bowl event to boost visibility. Ultimately, there’s hope to see it as a standalone Prime-time product of not only Bowl events but as well as ESPN. Thus far, it has proven a significant increase of their revenue and not just for TaxSlayer but for all marketed affiliates. So riddle me this: Are you prepared to slay your taxes this year? Perhaps you’re in need of a little guidance? Well good news, here is that moment where you can access your contact apps and summate: S & G Community Tax Service our contact person is CEO owned By Ms. Shular Nesbitt, 904-662-8448.

S & G Community Tax Services The reality of successfully turning a part-time career into an effective independent tax service became feasible for Ms. Nesbitt three years ago. After gaining seven years of her experience knowledge with a well know tax firm here in Jacksonville Florida and incorporating education and certification; she decided to do what was second nature, offer her tax perpetration services to the public. Realizing that she could give back to her community through educational courses on finances while assisting clients nationwide; her business endeavors have proven to provide a platform of services that every individual can utilize. Offering her clients year-round tax assistance isn’t the only incentive for those who utilize S & G Community service. The tax return is notated by Americans as one of the most important financial documents for all consumers including those in business.

Compared to most tax service providers, Ms. Nesbitt is secure in the quality of services she provides. “Small Business Tax Preparation is my number one area of expertise, I love helping those in small business accurately itemize their taxes. Numerous of times I’ve assisted clients that had no previous knowledge on deductions and itemizations. After properly consulting with them and providing, one on one assistance, I have noticed an increase in the confidence towards their business flow. It feels good to know you can offer more than just a refund check”, states S & G Community Tax Service owner. “Most tax companies over charge their clients while providing minimal education to their clients; this is not conducive to the client retention” per Ms. Nesbit. With words of encouragement to all entrepreneurs and small businesses from Ms. Nesbitt, “Don’t be afraid to ask questions! It’s your hard work and efforts that are reviewed yearly. Go after your dreams and goals don’t be deterred by the irony behind taxes. I offer services that assist with articles of organization for LLC corporations. There is no need to worry about anything.” With that in mind, to all the readers of this Month’s Who You Should Know, reach out to Ms. Shular Nesbitt, introduce yourself and address your tax concerns. It’s time to #SlayTaxes and get ready for a great start to this 2016 New Year.11009179_1097181930295870_1302490673674076016_n(3)


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