Event Planning is always an experience.
During this process of planning this event, I have the opportunity to utilize my skills of networking, sales, and marketing. Extensive long hours involving crunching numbers and working with a zero amount down was truly a test itself, yet – slight step out of context – Ms. #Jordan2Bmine appreciates every moment made thus far.
In the past, my social affairs have been more so catered to women and business professionals; however, after working on my own personal business endeavors through my company,
#BeautyBeyondMeasure #LLC., I arrived at the realization that, even the boss needs a break.
I would like to note that there is a link up top.
Inside that link is a document that obtains every detail to you will need to have a clear understanding on the Social Exliar Affair.
Sorry, I will not put every detail of June 18th, 2016 in the body of the post. I’d rather trust in the fact you may have slightly adored this read thus far.
I have a few personal projects that have taken me away from the social media world slightly but this #InviteIsForYou.
You have my permission to invite your entire office, family, friends heck anyone you think needs a break.
I will raffle off #OneExclusiveEnjoyTheNight Ticket to accommodate the support shown on the deadline for purchase on May 18, 2016.
Bon Voyage #Jordan2Bmine

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