The air is so clear.

Lately the removal

of negative energy

envious, jealous

human beings have been

denied access to my radar.

My alignment said, ” No More “.

They feel like dominos,

SSF, BullyArt, and FectaCantTry

were wiped out like Swiffer to Dust.

Then blown away like the wind.

Never had I experienced a “High ” of such clarity,

So I thought until that last bad apple fell from its weak branch.

The universe must have thought,

” No way will you hang around here like loose fruit, just hanging “.


No need to have others sit around and  judge my perfect imperfections.

For I have this new joy in looking towards the future.

Sometimes my mind would feel guilty for the immediate disassociation,

yet my existence was starting to feed on the nurture its self upon the removal of the


From here on out when someone ask me about my past,my response will simply be,

my response will simply be,

” What is that”?




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