My day to day life has taken a total head dive into the shallow end of business dealings; I don’t like this part of the process.

The endeavors of the event planning division within Beauty Beyond Measure, lead me to the crossroads of, pettiness, indecisiveness, and numerous thoughts of blowing my top from the smoke that was attempted to be blown up my ass. 

It was in these moments like such, which I searched for a silver lining in the midst of shhh! 

There it was like a billboard inside my mental Rolodex


“Hit the gas and drive past the petty exit”

And that was exactly what was reflected in the review mirror of my week. 

Curving the bullshit had come an “art” in the process of handling business. 

“Focus can easily become distracted when you start to draw upon the thoughts of disgust and ill will towards a person or business venture”.

The infamous meme flashed like lightning as I realized its best to just breath. 

Dismissing things that I felt weren’t going to beneficial to the needed balance for the Sandalwood Saints 2001 Class Reunion for the weekend of June 17-18th.

At this point I figured, I’ll be damned before I allow unethical ways of the universe to knock me off balance. 

“Slow and Steady”,  a Buddhist quote used in my world religion scholar studies, was the gear in which I shifted into. 

JayZ said there were a million ways to get it and trust me janky wasn’t one.  

 Pressed and pleased the next week looks like a breeze. images (3)




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