No Clich├ęsJust Testosterone …Trailblazing the Beauty Industry­čĄö

No Clich├ęs
Just Testosterone …

Trailblazing the Beauty Industry­čĄö
No mistakes and I promise no retractions, Testosterone is trailblazing the “Beauty Industry” and Jacksonville, Florida just so happens to be the stomping ground.
This Avant-Garde combination of six distinguished gentlemen are not only being seen and heard but also felt and embraced.
Consisting of Allen Y. Bird, Rodney Staten, Blue Franwa, Juan Rivera, Matrix George and Ronald S. Pringle.
When you look beneath the surface of suits and nice trimmed masculine hairlines you will realize that this intricate group consist of:
Three distributors; whom not only distribute yet also provide the entertainment industry with socials, stocking shelves with Self Owned hair product line -balanced with a promoter of beauty education; Alongside a celebrity pedicurist/salon spa consultant, highly sought after Massage Therapist and An renowned photographer that can capture artistic moments through every lens.
The howling of this Wolfpack speaks volumes That can be heard internationally!
Leaving a lasting impression on the community as well as Florida and surrounding areas, these positive influential Men engage with their markets by holding speaking arrangements, hosting engaging training courses at institutions, Mentorship with business guidance to salon owners and industry events such as Must Not Miss “Social Sunday’s”.
Have a rendezvous, meet the gentlemen of “No Clich├ęs 

Just Testosterone Trailblazing Beauty Industry”

one on one, see exactly what Testosterone from the beauty industry can do for you.

#RevampClient #Requested #Work #Jordan2Bmine aprrectates your time.



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