Intro : #CarrieBlackshaw BIG

Intro : #CarrieBlackshaw BIG
The escape was needed and off we dashed to the, “Kings and Queens of Hip Hop”, the concert needed us in the building.

Logan and I both Grouponed the floor seats just to dress in all black – bad & boujee mode – that’s us in the front not back.

Jacksonville Veterans area was flooded with fashions of all sorts, shorts, mini dresses, faux locs, throwback jerseys, snap backs. Hell, with a lineup included Kia, DMX, JT Money, Bone Thugs & Harmony, Wayne Wonder, Juvenile not to forget Trina, all was expected! The vow to leave our worries at the bartender that was charging 12.00 for Crown and Coke, we let our hair down and worries fly behind us like ponytails in the wind.

Getting lost in the tunes that we wish we could’ve seen perform live in high school, it was beautiful thing, rapping out loud,

“I’m about to marry money I’m so in love with it”.

Three hours of screaming with a little twerk in between was starting to remind us that we were getting finer like wine and it was time to float on to the next spot.

Conversation intro:

“Child my feet aren’t going to make it”

Carrie couldn’t get over the excruciating sensation setting in and between her toes.

“Nobody told you to were those skinny ass heals”

Smirking slightly, Logan boarder lined enjoyed the pain Carrie was feeling. For in her eyes, it was the only flaw she wore in her all Black on Black get up.

“Now you got the extra stank walk”

Both Laugh

“You right – you right, but this stank-ness will make it gracefully to the car…

“Get these toes together missy”

A Devil that wears Prada voice screamed sporadically in Carries head,

“Where to next, Marks”?

“Sure why not, might as well keep the turn up alive”

“Well, we gone see what your turn up is about Ms. Logan… you know my question…Where is the Penis” ?
Intro : #CarrieBlackshaw BIG
by jordan2bmine on Polyvore


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